SEO Problems That Not Monitored By You!

About 88% the respondents of SEO survey is rated that “mobile-friendly” is important to be considered. SEO strategy is becoming the second factor that important to be considered for the inbound link. Quality of content is also important, according to respondents. Nearly 77% place it in rank 4 or 5. In addition to creating high-value content and which attracts the attention of leading publishers, it is better if you use word spinner. Well, talking about the importance of SEO factors, therefore there are three issues you need to be aware of. Here’s the review!

SEO Problem # 1: Hackers and Competitors That Using SEO’s Negative
A frequently overlooked issue that can affect your site’s search ranking is called as SEO’s Negative. All the SEO responders already know about negative SEO. Negative SEO is the condition that is tactics to sabotage a site’s ranking on purpose was done by third parties- and more than half report at least a little bit worried about it.

SEO Problem # 2: Black Hat Tactics or Update Algorithms Cause Google Penalties
SEO is influential in Google Penalties. What causes the punishment? Bad SEO practice or a new Google algorithm update can trigger it. Nearly 19% said Google’s penalties were on the rise, and 31% said it had happened to them personally. About 56% believe it is almost impossible or very time-consuming to have his sentence removed.

SEO Problem # 3: Low Rank Because Keywords Cannibalize
The keyword channelization has greatly reduced the change in any page rank for that keyword and when multiple pages of a site target the same keyword. 12 SEO experts are accustomed to this problem, and there are only 2 who worry about it. Doing research and keyword mapping is very important to overcome a low ranking because of keyword cannibalization. Restructuring your site may also be required.