Choosing the types of blinds for your windows

Its function is as a window cover, especially at night. However, the window cover can also be an option to beautify the look of your Roller Blinds on your home windows. Before you select it, consider first some of the following tips from Sharing in this article.

Roller Blind. Roller Blind is roller blind that is mounted on top of the window frame, they can be stretched to adjust the height. Roller blind is more varied, ranging from synthetic plastic to rattan and bamboo. Roller blind, especially those made of synthetic plastic, are easy to clean because they do not need to be washed, just wipe with a damp cloth and then cool them to dry. Unlike curtains, the color of roller blind will not change even if they are constantly wiped or exposed to sunlight.

Venetian Blinds. This is a sunshade that is widely used in antiquity. There is a pullable strap to adjust the height of the blinds, there is also a stick that can be shifted left-right to adjust the angle of the blinds to sunlight. The most commonly used materials are plastic, wood, or bamboo. Its multilayered form makes Venetian blinds often become a dust and rather difficult to clean. In addition, some ends of Venetian blinds made of metal can rust if often exposed to water.

Roman blinds. Somewhat similar to roller blind, but more decorative because if pulled up, the fabric or material will form a decorative layer at the top of the window. Roman blinds can be made of a variety of materials, but usually made of fabric or synthetic materials that can be sewn.

Curtains. For a house or small apartment, the curtains feel less practical because the folds will spend a lot of material. The number of folds or rolls that you plug on the top or side of the curtains gives the impression of weight and make the room look smaller. Curtains should only be installed where you need total privacy, like in the bedroom.