Peripheral things that you must see on a gaming laptop

Storage media on laptops, most of which are hard drives are things that also need attention. Choose a hard drive with a large capacity, because the games – games that will be played on laptops usually require a very large resource, and also the consideration is we also can not add internal hard drive on a laptop, so try to find a laptop with large storage capacity. In the meantime, you may need to check out 14 inch gaming laptops 2018 as well.

And the latest appears a new type of hard drive, the hard disk SSD. Well if you can buy a laptop with a hard drive in it, then certainly the game you notice will feel well. However, the price also cannot be slapped, still, the price says what it is and honest.

Screen Resolution

Display on screen is the main focus when playing games, therefore the screen size is fitting and also a good screen resolution is needed to support the fun of playing the game. I think the screen size is fitting for a gaming laptop that is about 15.6 inches but it also depends on each individual in determining his own comfort level.

Battery Life

Laptop battery life is often a problem because it is used for the needs of the heavy performance, gaming laptop batteries become quickly wasteful. Look for a battery whose capacity is large enough. But as big as the laptop battery power, I think will remain quickly drained away. Because if we play the game, then all the features usually release the highest performance.

Quality Audio Speaker

Audio quality generated by gaming laptops can also be taken into consideration because the good quality of audio released will add excitement to playing the game. However, this is not too important. Because we can add external speakers whose price is quite affordable. Or if it is less, can use the mosque next door speaker.


If all the above is fulfilled, then the last and decisive match is the price. The price offered by gaming laptops is not cheap, so you should make sure carefully before buying, whether the quality obtained is in accordance with the price paid. And I suggest, if you have not been able to buy a gaming laptop, you should save first. so much