What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a healing effort for problems related to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Psychotherapy comes from two words, namely “Psyche” which means soul, mind or mental and “Therapy” which means healing, treatment or care. Therefore, psychotherapy is also called psychiatric therapy, mental therapy, or mental therapy. The person who does the therapy is called Psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy is a process of formal interaction between two or more parties, namely between the client with a psychotherapist that aims to improve the situation complained of the client. A psychotherapist with his psychological knowledge and skills will help clients deal with complaints professionally and legally.

There are three main characteristics of psychotherapy, namely:

– In terms of process: a form of interaction between two parties, formal, professional, legal and embrace the code of ethics psychotherapy.

– In terms of purpose: to change a person’s psychological condition, overcoming psychological problems or increasing the psychological potential that already exists.

– In terms of action: a psychotherapist to perform therapy actions based on the science of modern psychology that has been tested for its effectiveness.