What’s the Most Interesting Fact About Phoenix?

If you are looking for facts and information about Phoenix, Arizona, you then come to the right place. As we all know, many individuals have the interest of choosing this state for enjoying a holiday and even to spend the rest of life during retirement. Sure, each of them has the reason. You may not know before that Phoenix isn’t only a city in Arizona but also in New York, Oregon, and many other states.

The name Arizona originates from the Native American word “Arizona” which signifies “small spring.” The Phoenix airport; Sky Harbor International Airport is known as the ninth busiest airport in the country (based on the statistic data of passenger boardings). When you have the idea of back to nature when it comes to enjoying day-off, you can go to Tonto National Forst. This is the largest national forest in Arizona you could find. It is even the fifth most visited one in the US. Each year, about 6 million people go to visit that forest. You can go with loved ones while creating quality time with them.