3 Strange facts about lottery

Something that many people dream about on earth but few have ever enjoyed it is the experience of winning the lottery. Many people are tempted to buy tickets worth a few dollars then hope to turn them into hundreds of millions of dollars overnight. Meanwhile, you can see shaw-review to know more about it.

However, millions of Americans play the lottery every week when they know the facts. So here you go:

1. Unauthorized lottery tickets can be used again

Do not throw away your lottery tickets even if they are not declared winning. Whether it’s a rub lottery, Picks lottery or private number, those tickets can be used again for a second draw. This is a way that lotteries do to help players relate to player loyalty and aim to entertain the less fortunate players. However, you should know that lotteries rarely advertise this fact in public.

Some countries require you to write an email address on your lottery ticket, they usually want you to register the serial number. To register, of course free.

2. Good manners make Powerball tickets worth US $ 590 fall into the hands of others

When Mindy Crandell went to buy tickets at the local Publix supermarket, she invited an 84-year-old woman to queue first in front of her. That’s good, and a decent thing to do but Mindy’s price is very expensive. The elderly woman in front of her purchased a Quick Picks ticket that Mindy was supposed to get. The old woman was named Gloria Mack, a Florida pensioner and has won the $ 590 million Powerball lottery. Mindy gets nothing and may have to reevaluate her modesty.

3. The possibility of you being killed by an automatic lottery machine is bigger than winning the lottery jackpot

Sad, but true. Most chances of winning the lottery are unpredictable. Mega Millions Lottery, for example, gives the possibility of winning about 1: 176 million. That means you have a much higher chance of being killed by an automatic lottery machine (1: 112 million), becoming US President (1:10 million), accidental death (1: 4.4 million), or dying in a bathtub: 840,000). In fact, if you are thinking of leaving home now to bring in lottery tickets, your chances of dying are greater before earning a winning lottery ticket.