Choosing Hand Bag In accordance with Body Shape

Feminine women often choose equipment and accessories that make them look elegant at all times. Including for a selection of bags, the type of woman’s bag that looks very feminine is a handbag or handbag. By carrying a handbag, the women will appear more feminine and step with confidence because handbag generally has design and model of beautiful and sweet. If you are looking for the Best Leather Satchel, you can visit our website.

In the bustle of the city, bags are an item that helps determine the appearance of a woman. As a woman who has a lot of activity in big cities, of course, she needs a bag that has an adequate function to carry all the goods neatly and organized so it is not messy, not destructive and easily sought and taken from the bag if necessary. The bag handbag type bag is the perfect bag to wear to whatever event you want, so it includes a versatile bag. You just adjust the type, materials and model and of course with the clothes you wear so as not to appear excessive or even wrong costume. This is why an ordinary woman has more than one bag but always needs a new bag.

In choosing handbags, the suitability of the handbag and body shape is one of the important factors. The right handbag size and shape determine the overall balance of your appearance. For women who have a pear shape or wider body shape than the shoulders, it is advisable to choose a long handbag rope to make the bag handbag fall on the part between the waist and hips so as to make your upper body look balanced and the proportion of the body was balanced. Conversely, if you have a rectangular body or looks the same from your shoulders, waist to hip, wearing a bag bag bag that falls waist will cause a curve at the waist. When buying a handbag, you should look in front of the mirror, how it seems your overall appearance with the handbag so it is not disappointed later. And you can imagine unified match with the right clothes that you have.