It’s How To Cook Rice As Chefs Do in Restaurants

Many people think that cooking rice anywhere will produce the same rice. This is true, but what about the estimated time? There may be differences in this, you may start to compare between slow cooker vs crock pot. As the main food that is very important to be consumed, then you also need to know what can make the rice delicious to eat.

There are several steps to cook rice like the chef restaurant did. Some of those steps are

– Rinse Rice, make sure you rinse the rice repeatedly until it is completely clean.

– Soak, for long grain type rice, you need 30 minutes to soak it. As for short and medium grain rice you only need 20-30 minutes to soak it.

– Comparison of Water and Rice, for white rice, you have to mix 1 glass of rice with one and a half glass of water. For brown rice, you need two glasses of water for one glass of brown rice.