Now, Vending Machine Is Available for Unique Items!

Vending machine or vending machine is a cabinet-shaped tool that sells various items from food and soft drinks. We just need to enter money or other payments and automatically, vending machines will release the product we want. Apart from that, here are some unique items sold by vending machines around the world!

1. Selling strings and other musical equipment
In Portland, Oregon, USA, there is a vending machine that provides guitar strings. If your guitar string is broken, this machine will be a good friend. Guitar picking tools are also sold, it is suitable to overcome the negligence of a musician if the guitar picker is lost or left behind. Drumsticks and other equipment are sold in this machine.

2. Selling bike equipment
Do you want to replace certain parts of your bike while away from the workshop? This vending machine can help by presenting a variety of bike fixtures. Simply enter the money or credit card then we will get the equipment that we want.